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I am a robot who is fun, fancy and with unlimited possibilities! With a price that is affordable to everyone, let Robelf be your home moving monitoring guardian!

Four Core Areas

Future Development

Robelf is now mainly focusing on business utilization. Coming up with customer feedback and software upgrade, we are currently movingto four areas.

Home Assistant

Long-term Care


Business Application

Home Assistant
Keep your family safe and sound
Family members can make video calls or leave video messages to others. For home security usage, Robelf can perform a home surveillance at scheduled time. Users can also control Robelf to move around from remote location, monitoring household surroundings.

How To

Elf Eye - the Dual Lens Design
With the unparalleled dual lens design, the Elf Eye allows you to film from any possible angles to create the most fascinating and lasting memories.
Voice Video Call
Robelf utilizes the mobile phone to perform vedio calls to the ones you love. With voice recognition, even children and elders can stay connected effortlessly.
Security Protocol System
Robelf can be schedules to perform a complete home surveillance when you are not at home. With the technology of internal map, Robelf is capable of surveilling the entire home all by itself. Even when he runs out of battery, Robelf will return back to his charging station while still be able to perform home surveillance function.
eHome Smart Energy Saving
In order to make smart devices more closer to our daily lives, Robelf is the only solution to become the central part between users and smart devices.
Long-term Care
Your best health assistant
Robelf can remind elders to finnish daily health care task such as taking pills and testing blood pressure, and record physical data. With third party devices connected to Robelf, it can notify family members and call out medical treatment if accident happens.

How To

Homecare and Disease Surveillance
Robelf can integrate the long-term care services starting from the family unit.
Work with Smart Wearable Devices
Robelf can receive the data rom wearable devices. It will contact the hospital or family automatically if any emergency happens.
Automatic Making the Rounds in Hospital
Indoor positioning and remote controlling are able to replace doctor's or physician's (hospital) duties on making their rounds.
Praying Social System
Praying social system provides a religious sustance for the loneliness.
A teacher chasing you,start a lesson anytime!
The reliable tutor that catches children’s attention easily. Experience fun and interactive lessons with a variety of teaching material and tools. Lessons can be scheduled flexibly according to each child’s need.

How To

Online Education
Cooperating with third parties on K12, early education and teaching foreign languages. When those contents connect with robotic technologies, a whole new aspect of educating will arise.
Interactive Storybook
Various story contents and vivid sound effects make the story listening experience much more interesting for kids than before.
Children's Materials
Through the fun and interactive contents with Robelf, children can easily raise their willings to study spontaneously.
Teaching Assessment
Robelf has a complete developer platform, which can provide user more applications in the future.
Business Application
The best sales representative
Customers can finish the whole ordering process on Robelf, including viewing menu, ordering dishes and paying the bill by credit card. With facial recognition technology, it can collect customer information and shopping preference data for further utilization.

How To

Push Advertising
With location-based service advertising, company is able to target customers and push more precise advertisements on Robelf.
Business Guide
With our built-in cloud guide storage, Robelf allows customers to experience guide services, promoting top sales, products and so on.
Mobile POS
Robelf can become the central of Mobile Pos System and connect with cloud services in order to reduce the risk and threshold and the cost of training and managing.
eHo Membership System
With Robelf’s facial recognition system, consuming behaviors can be collected by membership system. Company will have a better performance on sales, more efficient operating and increase customer satisfactions.

What We Can Do?

Customized Your Own Robelf

With the behavior coding system, we develop additional functions that meet user’s need on household or business occasion.

Customized Service

Combining facial recognition and behavior coding, Customer’s data will be recorded and can be used to recommend products, shopping and even to push advertising.

Usage of Big Data

With the collections of big data, Robelf can analyse customer’s age and gender to provide better service according to their habits.

More Applications

Not only having facial recognition and behavior coding system, but Robelf can also work with third party cooperation. Robelf can do more than you think it can!

To know more about the customized service, contact us now!


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