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About Robelf

Who is Robelf?

Robelf is a smart robot that focuses on moving surveillance. With simple voice commands, Robelf can help you complete basic life assistant functions, such as video calls and schedule management ans this allows Robelf to play a core role in the technology life.

What can Robelf do?

Robelf can help you complete the basic life assistant functions. You can take photo, make video calls, ask weather information and manage your schedule by using voice commands. The Behavior Coding system allows you customize Robelf's behaviors according to different scenarios. When you are not at home, you can still connect with Robelf via our mobile App. So whether you'd like to contact your loved ones or just check your house condition, Robelf can always keep your home safe and leaves you with no worries. To know more details about Robelf, please click here.

What does Robelf mean?

Robelf is a compound word for "Robot" and "Elf", which means the robotic elf. Just like the shoe-making elf in Grimm's fairy tale, who can take care of everything in your daily life.

Why would I need Robelf around?

You only need to use voice commands, and Robelf can help you with everything. Also with the facial recognition system, Robelf is able to remember every family member and provide different interactions according to their interests and preferences. While balancing functionality, education and entertainment, Robelf promotes communication between people and makes it easier to maintain relationships.

When will Robelf be availabe to purchase?

If you are interested in Robelf and would like to purchase, welcome to contact us anytime, anywhere. You can click here or write directly to

Where can I buy Robelf?

You can click here or write directly to for purchasing information. You can expect to order Robelf on e-commerce channels and our official website in 2019. Please subscribe us or follow our social medias to get the latest news about Robelf.

Is there going to be an App Store in Robelf?

Sure! The App Store is under construction. If you are looking for a business cooperation, please contact us by clicking here.


What is Robelf's size?

Robelf is 35 cm in length, 29 cm in width,and 85 cm in hight.

How heavy is Robelf?

Robelf weights about 7 kgs.

What are the main features of Robelf?

Robelf can help you complete the basic life assistant functions. You can take photo, make video calls, ask weather information and manage your schedule by using voice commands. For more information, please click here.

Is Robelf she or he?

Robelf is a smart robot with s sweet female voice.

How many languages can Robelf speak?

For now, Robelf can speak Chinese and English.

Will Robelf support other language in the future?

Yes. We are working on it.

Do you provide SDK for third-party to develop Apps on their own?

This part is already in progress. Fot those who are interested in developing Apps on Robelf,  in the future they will need to apply for a developer account first. After passing the review, they can develop and test directly on Robelf.

Can I change Robelf's wake-up command?

We are afraid not. Right now Robelf can only recognize "Hey Robelf" in English version or "嘿!小貝" in Chinese version.

Can Robelf recognize me?

Yes! Robelf has a built-in facial recognition system that allows to memorize each family member's face ID and provides services according to their needs and habits.

What is Robelf's warranty period?

The warranty is one-year long.

If I need to send Robelf to repair, what should I do?

Please call the customer service hotline +886-2-2797-8660 #9.


Is Robelf capable of connecting to nerwork?

Yes! You can connect Robelf to a Wi-Fi network.

Does Robelf have Bluetooth function?

Sure. However, this function is currently not opened to general users.

If Robelf is disconnected with Wi-Fi, what will Robelf do?

Most all of Robelf's functions required to be linked to the server, so you won't be able to use Robelf when there is no Wi-Fi connected!

What Operation System does Robelf use?

Robelf uses the Android operating system.

How can I upgrade Robelf's software system?

When Robelf is connected to network, you will be prompted to upgrade the software. You can also check for the latest updates under "System Update".

How can I turn Robelf on and off?

Turn on: Press the power button behind Robelf for 6~10 seconds till our logo is shown on the screen.
Turn off: Press the power button behind Robelf for 6~10 seconds till an option called "Power off" shown on the screen.

Can I use Robelf outdoors?

Robelf is designed for indoor use and can span obstacles of 1.5 cm height, but it is not recommended for use on uneven roads. We encourage you to use Robelf at home or inside the office for the best experience .


Can Robeld move on the carpet?

Robelf can be used on a flat surface, but thick carpets or long-haired carpets can limit the ability of Robelf to move. Please avoid it. In addition, due to the infrared sensors, Robelf can't move on the black surface. If necessary, please go to "System Settings" to manually turn off the infrared sensors.

Can Robelf climb stairs?

No, but when encountering a stair, the inferred and ultrasonic sensors will help Robelf to prevent it from falling or hitting an obstacle and stopping immediately.

Is Robelf waterproof?

Robelf can be lightly splash-proof but not water-repellent. If you accidentally pour it into the water, you can wipe it with a clean cloth strip.

Can Robelf's arms carry things for me?

No, Robelf's hands can't bear the weight.

Is Robelf head capable of turning?

Yes, Robelf's patented neck mechanism design allows the face control panel lift to a height of 85 degrees. With a comfortable height design, you are able to use Robelf easily while standing and sitting.


How can I turn the sensors on and off?

You can turn it on or off from the "Sensor" function in "Settings".

Why does Robelf sometimes suddenly stop moving?

Robelf is equipped with an ultrasonic sensors that detects if there is an obstacle in front. If Robelf stops moving, check if there is any obstruction in front.
In addition, thick carpets or long-haired carpets will limit the ability of Robelf to walk on it, so please avoid it.

Why do the inferred sensors not function properly?

Please check if the infrared sensors is turned on in the system settings. In addition, because of the limitations of infrared anti-drop technology, Robelf can't walk on the black or dark-colored floor.

Why do the ultrasonic sensors not function like they are supposed to?

Robelf's anti-collision feature may not be detected correctly in the following situations:
1. Perform a reset action to move in place.
2. Only when the head being adjusted.
3. Continue to collide after moving on an uneven floor.
4. A slight collision with a slow moving speed.


Does Robelf have built-in battery?

Yes, the battery life on Robelf can last 6 hours.

How long can the battery last?

Robelf can last for 6-8 hours when fully charged.

How can I know the battery remaining condition on Robelf?

You can check the battery remanence of Robelf in "System Settings". When the battery is running low, Robelf will remind you spontaneously.

Is there going to be an automatic charging function in the future?

We are planning on this and it is expected to be available in Q1 2019.

Behavior Coding

What is Behavior Coding?

"Behavior Coding" is a program editing tool that converts programming language and encoding into image blocks. By combining the newly added trigger events with Robelf's behavioral responses, you can create a livelier and more unique Robelf for your own.

What is Member Shared Behavior?

"Members Shared Behaviors"are behaviors that other Robelf users shared.

Voice Command

Why is Robelf not responding when I talke to her?

When you say "Hey! Robelf", the sound reception indicator will light up on Robelf screen, which means Robelf is waiting for the command.
In addition, a noisy environment may affect Robelf's voice reception. It is recommended to talk to Robelf right in front for the best result.

Why does sometimes Robelf's reaction is slow?

When the quality of the network connection is poor or the application is multiplexed, it will take more time for Robelf to react.

What is the best distance for me to communicate with Robelf?

The best distance to talk to Robelf is within 2 meters, and of course it is related to the volume of the voice sound.

Can I customize Robelf's conversation?

You can use the Behavior Coding system to create more conversations and behaviors. Robelf's answer will get smarter as it continues to upgrade.


Can I hear the sound or voice from Elf Eye when I am using it?

Yes, when using the remote monitoring function, your mobile phone can receive the sound from the Elf Eye, and you can also talk back to the Elf Eye.


Why does Robelf sometimes suddenly stop moving while remote controlling?

Robelf is equipped with ultrasonic sensors that can detect if there is an obstacle in front, so if the Robelf suddenly stops moving, please check if there is any obstruction in front.

Robelf App

What features does Robelf App have?

Robelf App lets you connect to smart devices through Robelf . You can use our App to connect with your loves ones, check your home status, or use the「Behavior Coding」system to make Robelf more human-like.

Where can I download Robelf App?

You can download the Robelf App from the App Store, Google Play, or download it from the QR Code provided by our official website.

Does Robelf App support both iOS and Android system?

Yes, the Robelf App supports both iOS and Android systems.

Can all the members share the same App account?

Yes, but the Rolelf App account can only be logged in from one device at a time.

What should I do if I forgot the password?

Don't worry! You can retrieve your password by your mobile phone or E-mail.

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