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Product Warranty Period

This Product warranty period will be valid right after the original purchase date, providing a one-year, two times a year (April and October) services. Please provide the product serial number or the date of purchase certificate when you apply for maintenance, if you cannot provide the original proof of the valid purchase of this product, the warranty period starts with the date of the factory.

Terms of Use

Robotelf warranty terms, only applicable to the purchase of the company's products through the legal sales channels of consumers, this warranty clause is independent of any of the products you buy the application of the warranty, and not in any way affect the statutory warranty maintenance.

1. Overview

 • If this product is in Warranty period, and it appear failure by normal use, Robotelf will provide free repair or replacement based on the warranty service. Robotelf will test the product as to know whether it needs to be repaired or replaced the problem components, or the product itself. The product or component will be replaced by an equivalent specification or substitute.

 • This warranty only applies to new products from the original date of purchase, please keep the original purchase invoices for future maintenance services.

 • For the damages caused by accidents, natural disasters, operation errors, man-made injuries and unauthorized demolition, maintenance, alteration or by Robotelf proved to be not the original production of formal products, we will not accept the maintains application or provide warranty services.

2. User Responsibility

Using Robelf

 • Please read the manual and follow the instructions in this manual to use this product.

 • For Troubleshooting, please refer to the manual and follow the instruction.

Contact Robotelf Customer Service

 • Before contacting Robotelf Technical support, if circumstances permit, please confirm that you have opened the product and placed it in front of you. Please also prepare the product serial number, model name and valid purchase invoice voucher

 • Robotelf Company needs your support to troubleshoot the product, and you may be asked to do the following action:

    (a) Restore the product's operating system, drivers, and applications to the factory setting.

    (b) Install firmware updates or upgrade kits.

    (c) Allow Robotelf technical supporter to access products through remote diagnostics tools.

    (d) Perform other reasonable actions required by Robotelf Technical supporter to assist you to identifying or resolving problems.

 • Please attach a copy of the full warranty card and the purchase receipt or the copy of the invoice (Robotelf reserves the right to provide the original document), if you do not provide the confirmation of the document, the warranty period will be recorded by Robotelf from the Date of manufacture.

3. Warranty Qualifying Terms

Robotelf does not guarantee this product an error-free operation. This warranty service only includes failures or malfunctions that occur during the warranty period and in normal use situation. The above warranty terms will be subject to the following conditions and restrictions:

(a) This product is changed, expanded, dismantled, repaired or refitted by non-Robotelf Service Center;

(b) Warranty sticker is damaged or being changed, warranty identification label is torn or damaged.

(c) The warranty number is inconsistent or the serial number is ambiguous or missing;

(d) The product has been scrapped or damaged;

(e) Changes the appearance of the product (accidental or otherwise) but has no effect on the product's operating process and performance. such as rust, scratches, change color, texture decoration, natural worn and the gradual aging of products;

(f) Damage caused by physical or electronically and electromagnetic pressure or interference, war or terrorism, lightning, electrostatic, fire, natural disasters, toxic substances, pests, radiation, intentional or unintentional misuse, negligence, non-OEM maintenance, or other factors of force majeure;

(g) Damage caused by the use of non-original fittings or unsuitable devices;

(h) Failure to operate in accordance with manual operation or not defined within the scope of application, including pressure, broken, damp, soaking, rain, damaged by outer pressure, loss of 0 components, etc.;

(i) Damage to the products caused by third party software, computer viruses or detoxification, and loss of software and data messages resulting from maintenance or replacement; 

(j) Fraud, theft, unwarranted disappearance, and other deliberate acts;

(k) Damage or loss due to improper shipping and packaging during the customer's delivery.

4. Liability Restrictions

With the exception of this warranty and the maximum degree of legality, Li Yang is not responsible for any direct, special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages in violation of warranty or other legal discourse. including but not limited to the use of loss, loss of tax, actual or expected income (including loss of contract income), loss of money, loss of deposit, loss of business, opportunity loss, loss of goodwill, loss of reputation, loss of data damage, any consequential loss or damage caused by replacement devices and property, any cost incurred by restoring the data that is stored or used on the product.

Nothing in this article removes or restricts the legal liability of rayon for fraud, misrepresentation, death or personal injury, or any intentional or gross negligence, caused by the negligence (such as the relevant legal requirement). Please note that some of the contents of this section may not apply to some jurisdictions, so the above limitation or exclusion clause may not apply to you. 

5. Expired Cases

When you purchase a product that exceeds the warranty period service, or if you are still trying to deliver the product to us when the warranty is not applicable. The company is still available, but the related maintenance and replacement of the service costs will be needed, maintenance costs will be confirmed by the maintenance Business Department, which will inform you once the service fee is confirm.  We will start repair your product after you agree the charging.  For the old goods, lack of components to repair, please forgive us for reject the repair application.

Robotelf Technology Co., Ltd. retains the Robotelf Product Service information interpretation of the right to explain. If you would like to refer to the latest applicable and complete Robotelf product service information, we suggest you contact Robotelf Product Technical Support line +886-2-2821-7398.

This warranty is provided by:

Taiwan and other areas: NAN TSAN CO., LTD.

8F., No. 188, Sec. 1, Shipai Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: +886-2-2821-7398


China area: Robotelf Technologies (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.

N3-4-1-1914, Global Center, No. 1700, Tianfu Road North, High-rech Zone, Chengdu Ctiy, Sichuan

Tel: +86-28-68731381

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