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Anytime when Robelf does not function properly, please make sure the network connection is working first. Otherwise, you can follow the two steps below. If none of these can solve your problem, please contact our customer service at +886-2-2797-8660 #9.

Malfunction on Obstacle Avoidance or Anti-fall

Please go to System > Sensors to check if the infrared sensors or ultrasonic sensors are turned off. If so, try turn it on and see whether the issues have been solved.

Reboot Robelf

Under the rare circumstances if your Robelf is out of order or crushes down, you can reboot Robelf by pressing the Power Button behind till the Reboot option is shown. Please do not try to take out the battery manually since it might cause the damage.


If the reboot cannot solve your problem, try to reset Robelf. Use a sharp object to press the Reset button till the LED light is off, then press the Power Button to turn on Robelf and see if the problem has been solved.