Robelf's Birthday

About Robelf

With the frequent interaction of public emotions, Taiwan has always had a wealth of innovative energy. Compared with other high-precision computational robots, industrial automation robots, we would like to develop a "human"-oriented intelligent robot. Therefore, we take Taiwan as a starting point, feel the close relationship between people, memorized any small but touching things, which make "Robelf" became a human-like machine.

Robelf, is a compound word create by "robot" and "elf" , refers to the machine elf, like Grimm fairy tale in the Shoemaking elf, can be more than expected to take care of everything in your life.

Robelf will not only become your "family" but also your friend, involved in the next generation’s memories.

Our Story

Robotelf Technology is committed to the development and promotion of the intelligent robot which can easily use by anyone, to provide a warm and convenient life of science and technology. Since 2014, in a simple modification office, with the enthusiasm for research and development, only holding the idea of “want to let every family can have their own Robot partner”, set foot on the creation process for more than 600 days.

2016, for the first time in the United States, Robelf had got up to the raise capital platform Indiegogo, and reached the fund-raising achievements with unexpected speed, and received a lot of advice and feedback. Since then, in order to provide a more complete function and user experience, we keep work on the technical system of research and development to improve Robelf.

2018, Robelf uphold the concept of fun, surprise, infinite possible, attract partners in different fields for robelf to develop more service applications, continue to challenge, improve the system platform for Robotics, let robelf play the core role of science and technology life, to create a product that can touch everybody’s heart.

And that's just the beginning.

We believe that in everyone's heart, there is always a piece of the Embrace of the future dream. We look forward to see a passionate and romantic generation, regardless of whether the future will cause great disruption to the current life because of the popularity of robots.

We are the key to the bravo Robotic-future.

Crowdfunding campaign launched

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