Feel the warmth from me

What Can I Do?
I'm a Full Function Robot!
Taking photos,life assistant,schedule management...etc.
Anything you can think of!
Remember Every Family Member
Facial Recognition SyStem
It enables Robelf to analyze basic information of people, including gender, age and emotions. Robelf can remember and identify all the family members and respond their needs accordingly when they meets.
Move to Anywhere as You Wish
Remote Control
Users can control Robelf to move around from remote location,
monitoring household surroundings.
You Moving Montoring Guardian
Home Monitoring System
Robelf can perform a home surveillance at scheduled time The SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) technology will be integrated into Robelf in the near future, which enables Robelf to scan the surroundings and arrange the patrol route automatically.

Under the home security mode, all the members will receive the notification in first place if any unknown face has been detected.

Giving Me More Possibilities
Behavior Coding
Behavior coding function provides a simple tool that enables users to edit Robelf's action. With facial recognition technology, Robelf performs various tasks when it sees different family members, according to the behavior script set up in advance.

Facial Recognition

Basic Function

Behavior Coding

Robelf can find the kids, reminding them to take the prepared English lesson at the scheduled time.

I'm Always Listening
Voice Command
Robelf listens to you carefully, it can take voice commands. After hearing one, it opens the function accordingly and completes the task. In addition to following instructions, it talks to you, or even tell you some jokes.
Now, Let's say "Hey! Robelf." to wake it up!
Easy to Use for Both Adults and Kids.
The Perfect Size
The height of the robot is 85 cm.The patented neck design has a 85-degree angle movement flexibility. With the head lifted, even adults can use the touch screen with ease while standing up.
Make a warm high-tech life come true, with a reasonable price.

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