Bobii AI Human Thermal Screening System
A New Innovation Product + Thermal (IR) Imager
What's so special about Bobii AI Human Thermal Screening System?
AI Smart Instant Face and Body Temperature Quick Screen Improve the alertness of epidemic prevention

Face Recognition

Precise Monitoring

Detect Multi-Person

Rapid Screening

Abnormal Alert

AI real-time face temperature rapid test. Using accurate facial recognition to capture the face; with Flir sensor inside, it gives the real-time feedback of high-precision temperature.

Accurate body temperature monitoring. Using AI judgment to avoid interference from other non-human body temperature heat sources

Can provide more than 5-10 human bodies temperature monitoring from the distance of only 2-3 meters

AI independently developed a high-speed thermal image recognition and judgment mechanism, which can quickly finish the temperature rapid test in 0.5 seconds

Automatically capture high-temperature human body photos and send out alarm to improve the alertness of epidemic prevention and the convenience of reporting

How to receive the most accurate results?

Pay attention to the placement and direction

The thermal (IR) Imager must face the front of the face and avoids surface light and lots of heat sources!

Make sure the main direction is face to observers, and try to avoid environmental backlight or expose the product to a large amount of heat sources higher than body temperature.

Users do not overlap! Face the camera for at least 2 seconds!

Put the thermal (IR) Imager at the end of the moving line and make sure users are not overlapping (not blocking the faces) and facing the camera. Stay in front of the camera for at least 2 seconds while walking can increase the accuracy of body temperature monitoring!

Usage Scenario

Applicable to places with more than 100 people

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Ai Thermal (IR) Imager
Multiplayer Detection
Image Record Autosave
Temp Range 30°C~50°C 20°C~60°C 30°C~45°C 0°C~80°C -10°C~140°C
Tolerance ±0.5°C ±0.5°C ±0.5°C ±0.3°C ±0.3°C
Measure Distance 1 M 3.2 M 0.2 M 3 M 2 M
Detecting Time 0.5 sec 0.5 sec 1 sec 3 sec 0.5 sec
Need Assemble
Price USD 4,369 USD 4,299 USD 4,141 USD 3,500 undecided
Realize high-tech epidemic prevention life
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